PresidentJohn Bowman

John Bowman

Joined club: 2009

On board since: 2018

Why the board: I love the club and was on the golf committee from 2011, then served as both vice-captain and captain. I guess I enjoy being involved.

Why I love golf: It is a great way to become frustrated and meet some great and funny people

TreasurerPeter Solohub

Peter Solohub

Joined club: 2016

On board since: 2018

Why the board: I’m community minded and prepared to offer my expertise. Love the club, what it stands for and offering to members and the community as a whole.

Why I love golf: Golf is a love/hate game. It's that one shot a round that gets me excited and brings me back for the next game.

SecretaryJan Cogger

Jan Cogger

Joined club: 2011

On board since: 2016

Why the board: I very much enjoy being part of and able to contribute to our friendly, progressive golf club.

Why I love golf: Not sure at times because it can be very frustrating, as we all know. It’s probably more the enjoyment of being out in the fresh air, the friendships made and the ambience of the after-golf camaraderie.

DirectorJenny Edmanson

Jenny Edmanson

Joined club: 2007

On board since: 2019

Why the board: Having been at the club for more than a decade, I thought it was my turn to put a bit back into the club that’s given me so much enjoyment. I’m excited about the club’s new strategic plan and looking forward to making it a reality for all of us.

Why I love golf: I love all sports, but there’s no greater challenge than golf. Plus you get to be out in the open air and play it anywhere you like around Australia.

DirectorPeter Vogel

Peter Vogel

Joined club: 2009

On board since: 2020

Why the board: I have always been involved in the community, now it’s this community.

Why I love golf: It’s very presumptuous to assume that I do because it might be a different answer after each round. But I always enjoy the company and a bit of socialising afterwards.

DirectorMarilyn Mooney

Marilyn Mooney

Joined club: 2002

On board since: 2007-18 (including two years as president); 2020 -

Why the board: I enjoy the challenge of representing members and participating in the decision-making of a club and business with a progressive mindset.

Why I love golf: Because of the physical challenge the game throws at you and for the many benefits the social aspect provides.

DirectorGeoff Holland

Geoff Holland

Joined club: 2020

On board since: 2021

Why the board: To be involved in community sport and hopefully contribute to the club’s future success.

Why I love golf: It’s a great way to meet people from all backgrounds and of all ages. Many stories are told during a round then later discussed over refreshments at the 19th. I love to travel and take my clubs with me to new courses and take on the challenge.

DirectorBill Reid Jr

Bill Reid Jr

Joined club: 2014

On board since: 2020

Why the board: To contribute business management experience during difficult times brought about by Covid.

Why I love golf: I’m intrigued by the game and love the camaraderie.

CaptainAngela Royal

Angela Royal

Joined club: 2007

Purpose of your role: To lead by providing opportunities for all members to have an inclusive and enjoyable golf experience; and to facilitate both challenging and fun events for our players.

Why I love golf: For me, golf rolls friendship, competition, challenge and a very pleasurable walk into one activity that can be enjoyed as a group.


Chief Executive OfficerMichael Phillips

Chief Executive Officer
Michael Phillips

Began at PGC: 2020

Purpose of your role: To make Portarlington Golf Club the place “Where golf & friendship come together”.

How this is achieved: My role is to manage the overall operations and resources of the club and deliver the strategic plan of the organisation as set out by the board. I bring an expertise and understanding of the complexity of golf clubs – the ability to balance the needs and expectations of our members alongside the commercial aspects of our business, plus the importance of delivering an exceptional experience to our members and guests.

Business Development ManagerMark Hayes

Business Development Manager
Mark Hayes

Began at PGC: 2021

Focus of your role: To drive value into club memberships and, in line with the PGC purpose statement, to seek and build relationships that benefit the club, its members and the community. And have a bit of fun while we’re all at it!

Pro golfer, Mayor of Geelong or in your current role: Point me at the first tee, right now!

Administration ManagerJackie Durbridge

Administration Manager
Jackie Durbridge

Began at PGC: 2016

Focus of your role: I get a kick out of telling anyone who’ll listen that I’m the Jackie of All Trades. My roles are many and varied, but the premise largely is to ensure that members are happy, paperwork is filed and golf events swing along nicely.

Pro golfer, Mayor of Geelong or in your current role: Pro golfer has a nice sound; I’d just like to skip all the hard yards getting established.

Finance ManagerDale Morrison

Finance Manager
Dale Morrison

Began at PGC: 2021

Focus of your role: Deliver accurate financial reports and analysis that provide the PGC board and management with business performance insight to support good decision making on operational direction, strategic planning and execution. Hopefully I can also contribute to a harmonious and fun environment.

Pro golfer, Mayor of Geelong or in your current role: Pro golfer

Function Co-ordinatorAsh Livermore

Function Co-ordinator
Ash Livermore

Began at PGC: 2009

Focus of your role: I’m the friendly face you see when you walk into the club. I’m also the events co-ordinator and am flexible and committed to excellence to ensure your function exceeds your expectations. Got an idea? Hit me with it and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Pro golfer, Mayor of Geelong or in your current role: My current role – I love it.

Course SuperintendentSteve Burchett

Course Superintendent
Steve Burchett

Began at PGC: 2005

Focus of your role: To make sure you all get to play our wonderful course in the best possible condition all year round, regardless of droughts, floods or pestilence. My team and I work hard and are very proud of the ongoing development of all things course and foliage related in our thriving natural environment.

Pro golfer, Mayor of Geelong or in your current role: I’d have too big a sleep-in if I had to work those other jobs, so I’ll probably just keep plugging away.

Executive ChefGary Dupree

Executive Chef
Gary Dupree

Began at PGC: 2021

Focus of your role: Develop a new food offering and keeping it current by ensuring staff are trained and mentored to deliver with the accuracy and detail required to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pro golfer, Mayor of Geelong or in your current role: Really? Always a Chef!

Operations ManagerRowan Harbridge

Operations Manager
Rowan Harbridge

Began at PGC: 2021

Focus of your role: To ensure our respectable establishment meets and exceeds customer experience expectations in all facets.

Pro golfer, Mayor of Geelong or in your current role: Being a travelling, professional sportsperson right now would be hard to pass up.