This code applies to all members of - and visitors to - the Portarlington Golf Club, in addition to any other requirements of players (and caddies) or persons, as set out in tournament conditions, local rules or by-laws of the club.

Members are responsible for the behaviour of their guests.

Each player (or caddie) must adhere to commonly accepted standards of golfing etiquette and sportsmanship.

In order to ensure proper standards of behaviour during play at this club, a person who commits an offence under this code will face disciplinary proceedings.

A person is expected under this code to:

  1. Not physically attack or abuse in any way, nor verbally threaten a player, an official or person during their time at this club;
  2. Not racially vilify a player, an official, or any person during their time at this club;
  3. Not utter audible obscenities during their time at this club;
  4. Not wrongfully damage the facilities, including the course and the clubhouse;
  5. Not wrongfully remove or damage property belonging to another player, person, an official, a tournament organiser or the club;
  6. Comply with official directions or instructions, including dress regulations, which have been issued by a duly authorised official of the Portarlington Golf Club;
  7. Not deliberately break a Rule (as defined in the Rules of Golf);
  8. Not deliberately return a false score card;
  9. Not, during a competition, deliberately seek to manipulate the player's Australian handicap;
  10. Not fail, or refuse to co-operate with or obstruct any investigation by an investigative officer of the club into the person’s conduct, or the conduct of another person, or refuse to co-operate with or obstruct a hearing by a Disciplinary Committee or an Appeals Tribunal;
  11. Not behave in a manner detrimental to the good name and reputation of the Portarlington Golf Club.