Hole 17


Hole 17


Port professional Matt Milne's guide

This is Portarlington Golf Club’s signature hole. It’s a par-3 that requires a water carry of about 120 metres to a green that sits right to left with a significant slope.

The tee shot is played from amongst the pine trees which shield the wind, so ensure you pick its influence once the ball starts flying. The green is guarded by two bunkers and a right to left tee shot is ideal so you can use the slope of the green to get closer to the flag.

Putting can very difficult depending on where the cup is cut and it is not uncommon to see the ball roll off the green. Par is always a good score.

Tee Gender Par Length Index
Black Men 3 143 11
  Women 3 143 11
Blue Men 3 90 17
  Women 3 90 18
Red Men 3 115 6
  Women 3 115 11
Yellow Men 3 90 17
  Women 3 90 15
Orange Men 3 90 18
  Women 3 90 18