What the Peninsula Little Athletics Club lacks in profile it more than compensates by way of achievement.

The club, currently comprising 55 junior athletes, competes in events run by the Geelong Little Athletics Centre from October to March each year.

And the club has a proud history of punching well above its weight in competitions, something not lost on president Kirsty Brown.

“Our club has won the best club in Geelong in 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 and again in 2022-23 … with outstanding performances by our athletes,” Kirsty beamed.

“This was an amazing achievement considering we are one of the smallest of the eight affiliated clubs.”

Naturally, with this success comes trophies.

But for a club based in a tiny shed on the edge of the Drysdale Primary School oval, space is at a premium and there is nowhere to show off all the silverware which is currently shoe-horned into suitcases and out of sight.

So the club has asked for – and received – funding courtesy of the Portarlington Golf Club’s Community Contribution Fund.

The $450 request will provide a new trophy cabinet that can show off the club’s proud past.

“We want to display the large trophies we have won,” Kirsty said.

“We can then showcase our achievements to our membership and generate that pride in our club, which is something we’d like to promote.

“Our role as a committee is to recruit young athletes and provide training for them to able to compete. When the kids can see that they can succeed at our club, it will help inspire future generations.”

Golf club chief executive Michael Phillips was delighted to provide funding for the project.

“It might only be a modest request, but it absolutely ticks the boxes for us to help out a young and motivated cross-section of our community,” Phillips said.

“Their club has a great track record and showing off that success will foster the next wave of kids to come through and participate.

“Kirsty told us that the club’s membership based doubled just last year, so it’s obvious that there’s a lot of interest in athletics for kids in our community and this is just playing our small part in what that could become in years ahead.”

The Portarlington Golf Club has given charitable support of more than $125,000 in the past four financial years, including more than $30,000 specifically via its Community Contribution Fund.

The CCF was established to support not-for-profit community or sporting organisations to make positive improvements that will, in turn, benefit the wider community.

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Emerging athletes Alexander Brown, Jacob Veenvliet and Lucy Veenvliet celebrate the Peninsula team’s success.