Samantha McCarthy has an enormous streak of community spirit coursing through her veins.

When she’s not living in Portarlington and working here at the golf club, she spends time in Ballarat with friends and family and also volunteers her time at Foodbank in Yarraville.

But in February, Sam took her giving attitude to a whole new level.
Not only did she give up the luscious locks she’d been cultivating almost throughout her 19 years, she did it in the name of the World’s Greatest Shave (WGS) to help those suffering through leukaemia.
“I wanted to shave my hair because I hadn’t done it before, but I wanted to do it for a cause,” she said.

“I’d rather do it to help people than for nothing.”

And that she most certainly has.

Not only has Sam raised more than $1200 – and still counting – for WGS, she kept a remarkable eight ponytales from her big adventure and packed them off to help those enduing the fight of their lives. “They were all plaited, the shortest was 25cm and the longest 38cm.

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I kept them and mailed them to Sustainable Salons who partner with World’s Greatest Shave,” Sam said. “It takes 20 ponytails to make a wig, so I gave them nearly half of a wig that someone with cancer can have during a really hard time in their treatment.” Sam livestreamed her shave from the family hairdresser in Ballarat via Instagram, getting rave reviews from friends who’d never known her with anything but flowing long hair.
She said the reaction was enormous. “Initially, when we started chopping the pieces off, I was like, `Daaaaammm! That looks cooool’,” she beamed. “I was like, `Wooooooaahh!!!’, I couldn’t stop touching it. “My sister said I looked good with a mullet, but we ruled out the `skullet’ and just went fully shaved. “It’s four weeks now and I still really like it – it’s starting to grow back, but it’s so soft and cool … and you don’t have to worry about washing, maintaining, brushing it all.” Those around the golf club who’ve seen her transformation have also enjoyed her bravery.
“Everyone’s been really nice and said it really suits me, which is nice. “I’m more happy though to raise money for the cause … that’s been a really good effort by everyone and it’s definitely going to assist people who need extra help in a really tough time in their lives.” So will she do it again? “Heck yes! I’d totally do it again – maybe even full, full bald next time!” Donations haven’t closed yet, so CLICK HERE to keep the funds flowing for Sam as she helps this amazing cause.