2021 11 news col evansFor a couple of generations of Saturday golfers at Portarlington, Col Evans’ performance was a staple.

But the man who conducted the famous “Saturday night beer raffle” – or Col’s Swindle as it was known to more than a few – has done so much more at the Portarlington Golf Club.

Evans, one of five brothers, will soon notch an extraordinary milestone – 60 years of consecutive membership of the club.

Along with Bill, Ron and Jim (all deceased) and his other brother Norm, the Evans clan have been synonymous with the building industry around Portarlington – not to mention the cricket and football clubs, where they are legendary.

But from the day Col joined the golf club as a wide-eyed 17-year-old, when the course was just nine holes long, he’s been nothing but proud of another of the town’s great institutions.
“It’s been a great place over the years,” Col enthused when told of his impending honour.

“I remember when we went to 14 holes in the ‘60s, then to 18 in the ‘70s and to what it is now.

“I was involved (officially) for a bit over 14 years, from memory. I was vice-captain, then captain and then on the board for a while, too.

“I am proud of the club. I remember when I first came here, there was an old house that had been removed from in town and put down near where the pro shop is now and that was the clubhouse.
“I remember a few times when there were floods in Geelong, we had all the Barwon Valley golfers come out and play out here as if they were members here, too. That’s what the club is all about.”

Evans has been a consistent golfer for many years. “But I never quite got to single figures,” he said with a wry smile.
“I got (my handicap) to 9.6 once, but I never got to play off nine.”

Evans has had a hole in one on the 17th, won “a few” quarterly medals and has been medallist of the year. He represented the club on several occasions and even Geelong in the Queen Elizabeth Medal once at Royal Melbourne.

“But I only ever played once a week and never practised … it’s a waste of time.”

Evans was made a life member of the Portarlington Golf Club in 2003 as he recovered from a cancer scare.

But he never thought much about receiving his latest honour, he said. “Nah. I just play golf to meet people around the club … but it’s not bad.”