Welcome to the new Portarlington Golf Club website.

You’ll already see a bold new look, reflecting our club’s colours and bold new brand.

2021 11 news droneBut you’ll also get to experience a range of new functionalities, designed in alignment with the club’s new purpose statement, “Where golf and friendship come together”.

And while the “old” address will continue to work for a while, you’ll also see the club has adopted a new internet address and email formats.

Portarlington Golf Club chief executive Michael Phillips said all on show at www.port.golf was emblematic of the club’s new image.

“We have a new executive chef, a whole new concept and feel in our clubhouse and our food and beverage offering has been modernised and expanded to reflect the wishes of our members and guests,” Phillips said.

“So it’s only fitting that our portal to the outside world also reflects our new bold, clean and classy image.”

The website features quick links to popular features of the club’s services and social media posts.

“And one of the biggest additions is the ability for all members and visitors to book in our bistro in a state-of-the-art online format,” Phillips said.

“Our members have a range of special options available to them specifically, but all the public-facing information we think is now much more logical and easier to access.

“The new website and email addresses are a big leap for us. But we’ve gone from a very long and convoluted domain name to one that is short, sharp and memorable – so either browsing our site or emailing us on your phone is now so much easier.”

The vivid imagery for the club’s new website was generated by local design house Streamline Media, chiefly through its principal Jarrod Boord and photographer Nikole Ramsay.

Boord, a long-time drone photography and video specialist, set the date for his aerial visit months before his October 27 appearance.

Then, remarkably, the planets aligned on that very day and a still, warm and cloudless morning presented itself for the sparkling images presented around this website.

“It’s a beautiful course, so I’m thrilled that we got lucky on the dates to be able to show the world just how stunning the property is,” Boord said.