2021 11 news club reopen

We're excited to re-open our club, but we must do it in a restricted way to ensure the health of not only our business, but more importantly our staff.
The Bellarine Peninsula’s hospitality sector is being hit hard by worsening staff shortages with very few people ready or able to work in our industry.
So, as we approach the busiest time of our year, changes have become a necessity.

If we do not alter course, our people will soon tire because there is so much work and so few staff.

Our first ports of call are that we can’t open our kitchen every day of the week and must continue to stagger our bookings.

We encourage you to make a booking so not be disappointed when you turn up.

We are committed to training the next generation of hospitality workers, but in reality, we’re likely still a few years from them becoming skilled leaders in our industry.

In the interim this summer, we ask customers to continue to be patient while we navigate these difficult times.

Please understand these challenges, and becoming upset and aggressive with staff just doing their best is not acceptable.

Our clubhouse will be open seven days a week from 10am and the restaurant will operate Tuesday through Sunday for both lunch and dinner services.


By government orders on 19 November, all members and guests over the age of 12 years and 2 months are required to show proof of double vaccination on entry to the clubhouse and pro shop or to play golf.
Face mask restrictions have been loosened, but they are still required within retail environments, which includes our pro shop.